Wish List Wednesdays.

As I've mentioned before, I never intended this blog to be about looking for external happiness in the form of clothes, or houses, or objects.  If awareness is the first step towards enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it, then let's be frank about things, shall we?  I (a mere mortal, and a girl, after all) do  still want, well, things.  

And while I don't really like shopping as an activity (translation: I hate trying things on), I love love love online window shopping.  It's fun.  There are no annoying or pushy sales people who hang around you, there are no god awful lighting mirror situations that make you want to run a marathon by next week, there is no pressure to buy.  And now more than ever, there seems to be such cool stuff online -- particularly independent artists and designers.  

All of this is a long way of saying that on Wednesdays I'll be posting a regular wish list.  Thus the title, "Wish List Wednesdays".  My blog has never really had a weekly format of any kind, which I like, but a little structure never hurt nobody, right?  

Emerson Made Old-Schools (and in the spirit of full disclosure, the butt that goes with them. Hey, this is a wish list, right?)

Lauren Manoogian necklace and bracelet

Camper Boots that look like Rachel Comey boots but are less $$$

Kate Spade Faux Fur jacket

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