on making lemonade.

by Lieke Romeijn

How to begin? 

This summer has dealt me some lemons in the guise of personal challenges.  To say that I never saw these things coming would be quite the understatement.  And I’m usually pretty darn good at seeing things from miles away.  I’ve always sort of sensed that in the blog world we all present a projection of ourselves, and because I haven’t necessarily felt like my best self, I’ve been silent for a while.  No one wants to be inundated with someone else’s garbage.  No one wants to hear about how much you’ve cried, or listen to a constant stream of negativity. 

With the silence came a contemplation about what to do with this space.  While one of the things that I love most about reading blogs is getting a chance to look at beautiful and inspiring things for a little while each day, I’ve never felt totally comfortable with how much my own lens seems to be about things that I Want.  I Want that dress.  I Want this house.  I Want to look/act/dress/be like this person, then my life would really be it.

In the past few months though, I’ve come to see that finding beauty in each an every day needs to be something internal, not external; not found elsewhere, but found right here.  I’m not exactly sure what this will look like quite yet - I'm thinking a little more art based.  More contemplative.  More writing.  More honesty.

But if you want to come along, you know where to find me.

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