The Air Up There

All alone at the top of Hasley Basin, 2004
Today I'm flying to Jackson, Wyoming to spend some time playing in the mountains. I. Can't. Wait. In my opinion, there is no place better to play than the mountains. Kind of like how there's no place better to relax than the beach. I love love love that big sky. I'm also going to visit my family who lives there, including my brand spanking new nephew, Jasper! Yippee!

Alex Katz

Orange Hat, 1960
Ted Berrigan, 1967
September Afternoon, 1994
Have you guys seen the website where you can make yourself a cartoon character from Mad Men? It's deliciously and dangerously fun. And it got me thinking about the work of Alex Katz, which I find to be mesmerizing and oddly pleasing. Looking at his work it's almost as if you've stepped into some comforting cartoon world, but for adults. If only my trip to the DMV this afternoon could take place in an Alex Katz cartoon...

It's a Girl Party

So my hubby is away this week and I have a few days by myself here at home. So I've decided to go all out girly! I got a lovely facial this afternoon at this awesome little place, Golden Skin & Body (SF ladies - this place seriously rocks), and later on I'm planning on giving myself a pedicure while watching movies like Pride and Prejudice and Marie Antoinette. Then I think I'll move onto the latest Vogue magazine and maybe drink a glass of rose whilst listening to my favorite women rockers Cat Power, Beth Orton and Camera Obscura. And tomorrow, if it gets cold, I'm going to get high tea at this adorable little tea room down the street! Sometimes being a woman is just so much fun. P.S. - good luck, sweetheart!!!! The California Bar is going down. {photos from here}


The universe is truly amazing. And any time I forgot that I'm going to keep looking at this photography. Get lost in it, and have a wonderful weekend everyone! {via A Cup of Jo and Unruly Things}

Still Lifes from the Homefront

Just playing with my camera at home on this chilly day. And finally feeling settled in...

Honeymoon, take II - Wish List

A year ago I went on my honeymoon to Mexico - first to the most amazing hotel outside of Playa del Carmen, and then to the enchanting Holbox Island. Two weeks after our honeymoon, on July 30th of last year, my husband had a six hour facial reconstructive surgery. It was horrible, and the first of many difficult things we've been through this year. The last day of the California bar is July 30th 2009... and my husband will be sitting for it. After that, you better believe that we are going on vacation. To the beach. To do nothing but play, read, relax, and be together. And above are some of things I'd like to be wearing - all from Calypso.

Chapeau Stilo

My favorite fashion decade is the 1930s, and I just love this modern take on it. Beyond cute. Too bad that there's no way in hell that I can rock pants that are that high-waisted...


Happy Man on the Moon Anniversary! Let's keep on dreaming big...

Madeline Weinrib

So when I wasn't looking Madeline Weinrib went ahead and added some new beautiful carpets to her site. I really love that top one.

Dieu Merci, C'est Vendredi

Oh my lord, it has been a long week. I had a big deadline today and I'm so freakin' happy that the project is done and that it's a Friday! Feel like a mojito or three.. Everyone had a lovely Saturday and Sunday. P.S. - it's a little early for hydrangeas, but seeing as they are my favorite flower, I just had to post this beautiful picture.

Juliette Binoche

Yesterday I watched Bleu for the first time in a while. It was one of my favorite films when I was, like, 16 and it still is. Juliette Binoche is stunningly beautiful (when is she not?) and turns out an inspiring performance. Kieslowski's other two films in the Trois Couleurs trilogy - White and Red - are also excellent, as is The Double Life of Veronique.

Cordelia's Paris Apartment

Just came across this Elle Decor story on Cordelia de Castellane. I went to high school with her. Now she designs children's clothes and lives in this gorgeous Parisian apartment with her husband and two sons. Love that painting/print over the dining table and that coffee table. Oh, and that lovely parquet floor...

Simplicity at its Best

This is a perfect summer outfit, don't you think? (I apologize for all the fashion related posts. I'm clearly having a moment. Will vary more this week, I promise.)

For the Feet

A couple of pairs of shoes that I'm into right now. Top two from Camper and bottom two from Anthropologie.

Growing up in the 90s

Lately I've been experiencing some major nostalgia for the 90s. I think perhaps it was watching old MJ videos last weekend that made me think back to when MTV actually aired those beautiful and artistic videos, and it sort of snowballed from there. I was a precocious not quite teenager in the early part of the decade before moving onto full fledged teenage-dom as the era entered its prime. Taking cues from my older sister, I watched Anton Corbijn's videos, the original Real World, and devoured Seventeen and Vogue. The images of Corbijn, Ellen von Unwerth, Steven Meisel and others were cemented in brain. And when my family moved to Paris in 1997, I learned first hand how the city of lights is truly the fashion capitol of the world. So put on U2's Achtung Baby, and away we go...
{from top to bottom: Peter Lindberg photographs models - Vogue 1990, Italian Vogue cover May 93, Ellen von Unwerth photograph in Italian Vogue 1990, Kate Moss Vogue 1993, Ellen von Unwerth date unkown, CK One Ad from 1995, Amber Valleta in Harper's Bazaar, Kate Moss in British Vogue 1993.}

What if...

If I could pull it off (i.e. if I had darker coloring and a gizillion bucks) I would totally buy this amazing dress made in France in the 1920s. If you happen to posses the above requirements, I highly suggest that you go for it.

Children of the 50s

I'm working on an incredible project right now, more on it later... but I just can't get over this photograph that I've dug up. My Mom on the right, my Aunt on the left, and some goofy kid in between. I just think it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Don't you love old photographs?

Shabby Chic, For Reals

Last weekend my lovely friend, Kielly, sent me the link to this awesome article from the New York Times. It's about a couple who, having been priced out of New York City, decided to buy their first home on the cheapity cheap upstate whilst still renting in Brooklyn. Inspiring and amazing! They did almost all of the refurbishing work themselves, and bought almost all of their furniture at thrift stores or on Craigslist. My mind is now swimming with possibilites, people. Seriously, those white mismatched chairs had me at hello. (P.S. - Thanks KD!)

Public Enemies

A. and I went to Public Enemies last night and I have to say that I thought it was excellent. I just love the way that Michael Mann's movies look (he also directed Heat and The Insider and Collateral). He shoots on digital film, which believe it or not, is still not de rigueur in the film industry. Digital cameras give the film a grainy quality all its own, but most noticible is the difference in the way the digi catches light, especially at night. It's really fascinating to see how this shapes his cinematography. Anyway, it's a beautiful film with beautiful and immpecable costumes, set design and well, let me just say this: that Johnny Depp is pretty beautiful, too.