Wish List Wednesdays.

As I've mentioned before, I never intended this blog to be about looking for external happiness in the form of clothes, or houses, or objects.  If awareness is the first step towards enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it, then let's be frank about things, shall we?  I (a mere mortal, and a girl, after all) do  still want, well, things.  

And while I don't really like shopping as an activity (translation: I hate trying things on), I love love love online window shopping.  It's fun.  There are no annoying or pushy sales people who hang around you, there are no god awful lighting mirror situations that make you want to run a marathon by next week, there is no pressure to buy.  And now more than ever, there seems to be such cool stuff online -- particularly independent artists and designers.  

All of this is a long way of saying that on Wednesdays I'll be posting a regular wish list.  Thus the title, "Wish List Wednesdays".  My blog has never really had a weekly format of any kind, which I like, but a little structure never hurt nobody, right?  

Emerson Made Old-Schools (and in the spirit of full disclosure, the butt that goes with them. Hey, this is a wish list, right?)

Lauren Manoogian necklace and bracelet

Camper Boots that look like Rachel Comey boots but are less $$$

Kate Spade Faux Fur jacket

our garden

This is my favorite print for the book I'm working on.  (Finishing up the book today, one way or the other.)  I really like the way that this page turned out.  I'm thinking of making an extra print of this, framing it and hanging it over my kitchen sink.

UPDATE:  for the kitchen sink.

le temps fait beau.

photo: anais wade
As my hectic week of work winds down (until I start working again this weekend), I just want to take a moment to acknowledge everything that I have in my life.  An amazing family, a beautiful home.  Ridiculously smart and beautiful friends.  A loving partner.  So thank you, whoever you are out there!  I am most grateful.  

Have a lovely, relaxing, inspiring weekend, friends.  xo Honora

some photos from South Africa ... (finally)

Never Let Me Go.

I really like just about everything about the possibility of this film: based on a book by Kazuo Ishiguro (who wrote Remains of the Day), directed by Mark Romanek (veteran music video filmmaker), Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield.  I only wish I had read the book first.

this is what my house looks like:


Working a new book.  It involves making a huge mess and lots of (insanely) tedious cutting, of thick mylar no less.  But getting to use hot pink artist tape makes it all worth it.

Fay Andrada

earrings (and other jewelry) by Fay Andrada.

have a sparkly weekend!

photos taken by me
Hope you can get outside and enjoy this beautiful change in seasons, wherever you are.  I am planning to do a little play (yay!) and a little work (boo!).  Also, here are two things that I read or listened to this week that are worth sharing:  

-an interview from Paper Magazine with Sally Singer (former editor at Vogue and new editor-in-chief of T Magazine) 

-a truly incredible Radiolab show "Words" (the writer in me was beyond fascinated) which includes a segment about a woman who lost language after a stroke, and in the process found a kind of inner peace.


Things that are making me happy today: sunshine streams in through the windows and a home that is filled with light.

Miranda Brooks

I don't usually post a lot about weddings, but when I saw this dress (Oscar de la Renta, based on a dress from Marie Antoinette), my jaw dropped.  The landscape designer Miranda Brooks's wedding in August Vogue.

World War II Posters

Some things that I stumbled upon in doing research for my novel: posters from World War II Britain.  My manuscript takes place in 1940 London, and these images of wartime posters are really helping me set the mood.  Found at the Imperial War Museum's online shop.  Did you know that the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was never actually used during the war?  It was discovered later and has only recently risen to its current cult status.

Paris Limestone

"There is nothing like the Paris sun against the biscuit toned French limestone of a Sixteenth or Eighteenth Century building.  It is perfect."  
  Andre Leon Talley

I couldn't agree more!  Even when the sun is behind clouds, it's still perfect.  Photos of mine taken in June.

a little borges for your weekend.

*still looking for photo credit

"Then I reflected that everything happens to a man precisely, precisely now."  Jorge Luis Borges