Kitchen Inspiration

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Tomorrow is a big day: we are finally going to be pulling together our kitchen. Here are a couple of images that I've been stockpiling as inspiration. Will let you all know how it goes!

Paint it White

This is why I want to paint everything in my new house white. Right now everything -- i.e. the walls, the decorative trim which abounds in this 100 year old Victorian -- is painted a dusty mauve color. To me, it makes the walls look older and dirtier than they are. The problem is that painting our new place is going to be a mother of a job. We rent, but have permission to paint. But with all the trim and doors, I'm not sure that it is a DIY job. Any advice out there about tackling everything from the doorknobs to the window sashes?


Clementines by Jamie Shelman
But more than anything, I'd really love this to hang over my kitchen sink. Lovely colors...

Romulo Yanes for Gourmet

Did you know that you can buy old Gourmet photographs online? I am looking for a little framed something to put above our kitchen sink and was totally floored by these photos by Romulo Yanes. As you can see I had a hard time choosing what to post! They are kind of pricey, however, at $180 a pop.

White on White

Some beautiful white interiors today, over on Desire to Inspire. Oh yes, I'm inspired indeed.
From Atlanta Bartlett:


Somehow these glorious pale pink and yellow peonies make my new and unpacked apartment feel like home. If only all the problems in the world could be solved by flowers.

Simple Pottery

Very simple but lovely ceramics from Anthropologie. Especially love the honey pot (miel = honey in french).

Pretty British Fashion

photograph by Norman Jean Roy
I can't help but adore this photo of Emma Watson in Teen Vogue. Killer dress. These series of pictures are an Anglophile's dream come true. Cannot wait for the next Harry Potter film to come out already!

one year ago...

Just one year ago, on the summer solstice of last year, I got married! It was such a magical experience.... Year number one has been a tough; it included a debilitating surgery, a big career move, and an even bigger home move, along with little changes all around. Lucky for me I have a pretty good person to share it all with. Here's to hoping that year number two is a leeeetle bit more chill.

Summer Weekend!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Today is the first day of summer! (Even if it doesn't really feel like it right now.)

Anton Corbijn

Tom Waits
Miles Davis
Gary Lucas, 1990
I just watched rock photographer Anton Corbijn's stunning debut film, Control. It's about the life and times of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. It's also one of the most beautifully shot films I have ever seen. Here's a little taste of the lush black and white that this amazing photographer captures.

Oh, Mexico

OH MY GOD Jose Villa's dreamy Holga photos make me want to go to Mexico right this very second. {via Chelsea}
Here a couple of my favorite house and home items from Normann Copenhagen:

Cozy Bedroom

I find this bedroom to look so cozy and comfy. Loving the pretty blues and grays and the seagrass rugs. So simple, yet kind of perfect.


I like these trompe-l'oeil placemats from Lisa Stickley. I think they are really easy to clean down too, so they would be perfect for everyday.
Praia Piquinia 04.08.07 16h04 by Christian Chaize
Have a great weekend everyone! I just adore this photograph... A beach in Portugal. {As seen on Oh Happy Day!}

Toast Home

I'm finding it remarkably difficult not to scoop up these lovely items from Toast Home right this very second!

Tiles by Textiles

This amazing company hand paints these tiles that are inspired by antique textiles. I seriously covet these Amish wall tiles. But then again, I love everything Ikat...

Caroline Gardner

These little bags are perfect for holding just about anything, and would be a lovely little gift for your best girlfriends. Check out Caroline Gardner's website. Psst, they are limited edition, so act fast!