Made it.

Photo by Danske
Hey Everyone, so many, many hours later, I've made it to England!  It was a pretty nice day and I got to pick up my nephew from nursery school.  I'm absolutely shatteringly exhausted, but right now I'm watching Winnie the Pooh with my nephew.  Gonna eat, have a glass of wine and go pass out.  Happy Weekend Everyone!

Habitat -- Anglomania Post

Habitat is an awesome European store. It is the lower price range brainchild of Terence Conran, of the Conran Shop, and falls somewhere in between Ikea and Design Within Reach. Many a time I have walked by its windows lamenting the fact that they do not have an American store. I especially love the armchair! When Habitat when? There is a market here for you! (P.S. I will be traveling all day tomorrow so no posts. Look for me on Friday!)

Sock it to Me -- Anglomania Post

I sort of feel like I'm sharing a big secret with you all when I write about this, one of my most favorite stores in the whole wide world. It is called Tabio and it sells Japanese socks. They aren't just any old socks. These socks are amazing and fun and really interesting. If you are in London, you must must must check out one of their many locations. Otherwise, they do have an online store.

The Lo-Fi Guide to London

(All lovely photos by Tommy)
I just ran across this charming blog, Notes by Naive, and her wonderful series of Lo-Fi Guides to various cities around the world. It's a perfect start to my Anglomaniac posts! Tommy lives in London so she really knows the city very well. Check out the other cities too: Paris, New York, Madiera, Portland, San Francisco and Singapore.


For those of you who know me well, you know that I'm not just an Anglophile, I'm an Anglomaniac. It probably doesn't hurt that I grew up in a British Colony, or that my sister and her family live in one of the most charming villages in Somerset. I'm happy to announce that in honor of my upcoming trip to Bath (I leave on Thursday) I will posting about inspirations from Great Britain this week and next.
Just got back from Chicago. It was a long and emotional weekend, but it was beyond wonderful to be with my family. And Chicago is such a cool (both literally and figuratively) city! I loved being there, despite the sad circumstances. I'll be back up and posting starting tomorrow.

jet plane

photo by masatin
Hey, happy people! Have a great weekend. I'm off to Chicago... Thank you all so so much for reading. See you Monday. xo Honora

rustic kitchen

Remodelista (a great blog all around) has an awesome post up vis a vis rustic european kitchens. It's hard for me to choose which one I like the best. But since I really like pine wood I chose the one above.


untitled, 1970 Cy Twombly
I'm feeling a little stressed out today, friends. I'm unexpectedly heading out of town tomorrow for a memorial service in Chicago and on top of being sad I also always freak out the day before leaving on a trip. In the past two years I've traveled so much that you'd think that I would have gotten used to this already. I have to remind myself today to stop, breathe, look at the sky and listen for the birds that have started to chirp again. I have to remind myself that I believe in small victories and being grateful for all the beauty that graces my life.

my kind of place

You guys, I think I may have found the perfect place! Too bad it belongs to someone else and is worth millions of dollars. But just look at how incredibly beautiful this Soho loft is. Read the article and see the full slide show here. PS-Thanks for the link, A!

le notebook parfait

Le Roi et Le Bon Saint Eloi is a french papeterie that rocks my world. I have a couple of these little notebooks and they are perfect for just about anything. I espcially like to bring them with me when I travel. I wonder if their goods are available stateside. (Sorry I couldn't get better pictures for you guys!)

The Perfect Garden Set

top photo from Bailey's Home and Garden middle and bottom from here
If and when I get my act together in the garden I would like to use these awesome Parisian park chairs and tables. They come in the best colors and are simple and elegant.

Citrus Pound Cake and Yellow Daffodils

Don't you feel that spring is just around the corner? There's even a little green grass sprouting up in our backyard! How's it been where you live?

the blue room

I am loving this blue room featured in The World of Interiors February issue. I've made a mental note to pick me up some sheepskin.


all found at la garconne
Fashion is on the mind today for some reason. I have a couple of shirts from this LA based company and let me tell you how amazing they are. They are made of the softest most thin cotton and supremely comfortable, but little details like ruffles and silk hems give them a little sex appeal. A rare combination that sometimes I feel was made especially for me. Even my Mom was asking me where I got them. The pieces are a little above my budget as t-shirts or nice shirts go, so keep an eye out for them on sale at Barneys Coop and La Garconne.

miss dior chérie, mais oui

I'm loving this newish commercial for Miss Dior Chérie perfume. Saw it a few weeks ago and have been trying to track it down ever since. It's making me excited for 1) springtime and 2) going to Paris--where I lived in high school--with A.--who's never been there--in May!

good monday morning

It's Monday morning and I'm drinking tea. Photo from here.

Happy Weekend!

photo by danske
Have a great one my dears. See you Monday. Oh, and Happy V-Day!


If you are like me, then you also like big slouchy leather bags with shoulder straps that are supple and soft and come in brilliant colors. If you are like me then you will love m0851. A Montreal based company, m0851 makes the best bags. Really. I have a few of the weekenders (the best for traveling!) and usually can't resist stopping into one of their two Manhattan stores when I go home to visit my parents. (The upper east side store is conveniently located right next to the place where I get my hair cut when I'm in NY.) Luckily for those of us who have ventured away from the Big Apple, or who were never there in the first place, they have a website. Unluckily, these bags are tres chere. But nothing beats the store. You have to feel this leather to believe it, people.

I'm not really into Valentine's Day...

... but I really, really love this:


I'm a sleepy cat today. Maybe it's because of all the good eating and drinking I did last night with A. We went out to our favorite restaurant and I had an endive salad with grapefruit and then handmade gnocchi with lamb. He had cabbage salad with apples and gorgonzola and then and yummy fish stew. It was soooo good....

a makeover

I am thrilled with the new version of our vintage Danish rosewood couch. We just got in back from the upholsterer and now it is a sleek and sexy gray velvet. I love it!

to my mountain man:

Happy, happy, happy, to my man today on his birthday. I love you, A! Always, H. (PS--it's also my incredible grandmother, Winnie's 95th birthday! Go go grandma!)

landscapes from the 1940s

NPR has a great slide show today of American landscapes from the early 1940s. Check it out! (Make sure you enter full screen mode for the best viewing.)


photo by Mark Smith
The news from the past weekend's wildfires in Australia is beyond grim. The devastation wreaked is truly unimaginable. There was a wildfire here in Boulder just a few weeks ago, nothing compared to what has believed to have burned over 900 homes, but enough that it scared me as I watched the dancing flames from my front porch. My heart goes out to the survivors and to those 150 odd people who have been lost.

the "spring-can't-come-soon-enough" wish list

Antoinette Lee bag
Catherine Malandrino Dress
Burberry Trench Coat L. Frank necklace (I've been drooling over that for years.) Crepe Pants by Quail