I've been stressed lately.  Very stressed.  About work, about my own ambition and subsequent failure, about money, about getting older, you name it.  The kind of work I do requires a lot of inward examination, which can sometimes lead to an unhealthy amount of internalization of stress.  I do yoga, I exercise, I try to let it out when I can.  But sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle.  

Remember that old saying that we were all taught as children when we were learning how to cross a street?  "Stop, look, listen."  Well I'm stealing that and going to use if for myself.  When I feel like I'm taking that turn up ahead a little to fast, veering out of control, I'm going to try to remember to stop, look, listen, and finally, smile.  It's kind of about cultivating awareness, stealing little moments away from whatever it is that's going on in your day, to remind yourself that all this, well, this is good.  photos: jose villa

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