How awesome does this apartment look?  I love their store, and I love this room even more.  I don't like it when things are overly styled, so this is my kind of decor.  Cozy and comfortable, family friendly, but still beautiful.  Signing off for the weekend and looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing.  The days are getting colder, darker, and rainier, and my body is accordingly transitioning into homebody mode.  Cannot wait to cook, drink some red wine, watch films, and take a hot bath.  I've been running at full steam recently, and still need to pace myself through November.  So this weekend is all about the  R&R!  Happy halloween everyone and have a lovely lovely weekend.  Photo by Ditte Isager.

A very happy birthday to one of my favorite little people.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Robbie!  Love, h.


wish list wednesdays.  top: shell collection by India Rose (via hanpicked); middle: pendleton Chipara blanket, backwards and forwards; bottom: shearling coat from Calypso, Skirt by Shabd.

The river starts slowly, up in the lonely country, up above tree line, where it is little more than a trickle.  It looks like nothing at first; like a diffident, seasonal creek.  As the snow melts, the water runs downwards, curling, bending, sometimes pausing—yet never actually still.  It wanders first across the high alpine meadows and then through the brown stretches of plains.  It is on its own unpredictable path, gathering itself all the while, propelling itself downwards.  As other tributaries make their way over the stream becomes a small river, and together the water advances through the places that offer themselves up with the least resistance.  It has cut through layers of rock while gathering sediment and gaining strength in its momentum.  By the time it sweeps into the valley, gurgling past the curved walls of De Beque canyon, it is a steady, surging force.  The river, by then, has found its purpose, and it rushes, headlong, on its unerring course.

What I'm thinking/working on/writing about today.  

Photographic images that I'm using in my new book.  Who wants to guess what they are?

dreamy photographs of Portugal by Anabela Carneiro, taken as part of the cool photo project, 1010, where 10 photographers from around the world took 10 photos on 10/10/10.  (seen at A Cup of Jo)


Wish List Wednesday.  The "you can take the girl outta New York but you can't take the New York outta the girl" edition.  Clockwise: coat from Loeffler Randall (via Ill Seen, Ill Said); gorgeous corsage from BanDo; shoes from Sigerson Morrison; knot bag from M0581.

Richard Avedon and Sophia Loren

"Photography is, first of all, a way of seeing.  It is not seeing itself."  Susan Sontag, On Photography

love this little film by jeana sohn!

Street music + Paris balcony + summer = amazingness.  Caught some street music on tape when I was in Paris last summer.  (Sorry for the less than stellar video quality!  It was the first thing that I recorded on my flip camera.)

This weekend I was up in Sonoma for a bachelorette weekend.  This was the kind of bachelorette thing that I dig: wine tasting, bike rides through vineyards, campfires, cooking, and lots and lots of laughter.  There wasn't a boa in sight...

ditte isager
Have you guys heard about Noma?  It's a Copenhagen kitchen considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world.  This new book, with photographs by Ditte Isager, looks amazing.  

A new poem about Sylvia Plath's death by Ted Hughes was discovered in London.  Fascinating and heartbreaking.

I'm digging this new to me label: Chianti and Parker -- via Olivet

This "Why We Travel" photo contest has me mulling over the possibilities of my next trip.  Currently at the top of my list?  Mozambique.  

A fascinating listen on the elusiveness of memory, from the boys at Radiolab.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

me likey.  that's all.  via sweet space.

wish list wednesdays.  from top to bottom: hasbeens clogstabio checked tightsmadewell blouseak vintage "indian paintbrush" necklace.

When I find something I like, whether it be ice cream (Bi-Rite chocolate) or jeans (J Brand), I will faithfully stay true to the brand.  Last semester I found this notebook, made by the Spanish company MiquelRius, I knew that I had found the perfect pad of paper.  Perfectly ruled lines (small by not teeny) and a nice study but flexible cover, color coded sections, recycled material.  I'm telling you, they are amazing.  So amazing that I have been waiting for five weeks for my local art/paper store to restock them!

This just goes to show you that what your Mom used to tell you when you were a kid was true.  The best accessory is a great smile.  (Ok.  That hat is pretty awesome too.)  photo by the sartorialist

I've been stressed lately.  Very stressed.  About work, about my own ambition and subsequent failure, about money, about getting older, you name it.  The kind of work I do requires a lot of inward examination, which can sometimes lead to an unhealthy amount of internalization of stress.  I do yoga, I exercise, I try to let it out when I can.  But sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle.  

Remember that old saying that we were all taught as children when we were learning how to cross a street?  "Stop, look, listen."  Well I'm stealing that and going to use if for myself.  When I feel like I'm taking that turn up ahead a little to fast, veering out of control, I'm going to try to remember to stop, look, listen, and finally, smile.  It's kind of about cultivating awareness, stealing little moments away from whatever it is that's going on in your day, to remind yourself that all this, well, this is good.  photos: jose villa