Luxe Lust

This would be on my Christmas list if its price tag weren't so high! (295 pounds! why is cashmere so outrageously expensive?) One day, cashemere blanket from toast, you and I will get it on.

Outfit Love

I adore this outfit more than words can say. Vintage black cowboy boots. And I like her blog, too. blog found via {frolic!}

Twentieth Century Fox

We finally saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. Of course, I've always been a huge fan of Roald Dahl. Wes Anderson had me at Bottle Rocket, but this film may be my new favorite. So cussing good!

Abby Try Again

These two photographs by abby try again are at the top of my Christmas list. Only I can't decide which one I like better!
Now that I've finally finished with the craziness that was my first semester of graduate school, I've got a little time to feel festive. Love this beautiful wreath from the British store, Cox & Cox. Via dress design decor and {frolic!}.


I love this photograph. It reminds me of rural England, where my sister and her family live. Photo by Jess Gough. Via Bliss.

When it's cold...

It's nice to cuddle underneath mountains of blankets. Love this festive and bright cotton quilt from Couverture. Seen on Olivet.

Until Further Notice...

our thanksgiving in california
Hello, friends. These past weeks have been insanely busy (in a good way) for me. Forcing myself to take a little break from here until I am done with finals and have some breathing room! Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of December and the holiday season!