Guess What?


Good Films -- Man From Plains

I just saw Man From Plains, a documentary on Jimmy Carter, directed by Jonathan Demme. It follows President Carter on a book tour during which he promotes his controversial book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. It is a graceful, emotional look at the almost impossible conflict in the Middle East. I especially appreciate the behind the scenes look at how when dealing with incredibly complex conflicts, the news media only speaks to the surface level. It is so frustrating to see how badly both sides say how badly they want peace, but are unable to even discuss how to achieve it. I admire Carter for trying to work for it.

Spring Cleaning Sale

Hello, Happy People. I'm doing this whole spring cleaning thing and have discovered a few of items that I love but don't use enough of to justify hanging onto. I've decided to put them up for sale. Will be posting these items intermittently over the next few weeks.
Item #1: Colorful Orla Kiely Stem Print Bag
Oilcloth hobo bag from last year's spring collection. Absolutely adorable, but I just don't use it enough. In very good shape and condition. Offering it up for $40 plus s/h, original price $150. {E-mail if interested.}

A Golden State

Here are some photos from our fabulous trip to San Francisco and Point Reyes. Hard to express what a great time I had. Many more exciting details to come soon... Can you tell how transfixed I was by that blue blue sky?

Wish List - The Birthday Edition

Hiya! So Wednesday is my birthday and we're heading to California for both work and pleasure. I may update here and there, but let's bank on hanging out again next week, shall we? Until then... Besos, H
Ittala Pitcher
parachute silk hammock from Toast
floaty summer shirts from Jigsaw
World Peace (photo)
silhouette stationary from Mr. Boddington's
to spend the day with my love. (photo)

Introducing: Love, Forever

Hey there, folks. by its own design now has a sister site: Love, Forever. It will be a fun place for all kinds of pictures and randomness that needs to be spontaneous in a way that only tumblr can support. I have the poster of the amazing photograph above of Yayoi Kusama, only my husband finds it a little too, how shall I put it, much. So I'm adopting it as my mascot for things feminine, free and wild. Check it out!

Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar turned 40 on Saturday, which reminded me how much I love the art work of Eric Carle. There is an amazing museum of his work in Amherst, MA. I went to college right down the street from it and am lucky enough to have seen many of his beautiful, colorful creations in person.

Rachel Comey

I am seriously LOVING these clothes by Rachel Comey. (Thanks for the link, Chelsea!)


Saw these photos of dutch tulips on Oh Happy Day and couldn't resist posting them. So amazing! They look like French striped fabric.


photo by Ansel Olson
Today is the first day of spring. We've officially made it through the long and cold darkness, even if it doesn't totally feel that way. It's time to take stock, shed our winter skins and renew. On that note, I'm doing a massive spring cleaning today. Have a fantastic equinox everyone!
I am seriously crushing on this Prince Charles Chair. Love the juxtaposition of modern and antique. Brilliant, don't you think? Available at Modernica.

Hold the Phone

I love these old fashioned telephones that have been reconditioned. I'd really love to get the pink one for my office, but alas, they are made in the UK.

Keep Smiling

If you guys haven't seen Happy-Go-Lucky yet, go rent it! It's excellent. I've found myself thinking a lot about it since watching the film this weekend. And "What would Poppy do?" is becoming my new mantra. Just yesterday I ripped my favorite pair of jeans, in the bum, no less, which as you women out there know is not the best thing to happen to one's day. Instead of getting upset I just laughed, because it was funny. These days it seems that a little lightness and laughter goes a long way... P.S. if anyone out there knows where I can find a flamenco dance teacher like that, let me know!

Super Cute

I love this photo for the subject's effortless style and grace.

Green and Good

Chelsea posted about these amazing apartments in Portland. And as with most everything on her blog, I'm completely smitten! They are incredible looking and energy efficient. I just adore those big windows and leafy green trees outside.

Liberty's of London

It is just an absolutely gorgeous day here and I am in a fantastic mood. Loving these new Liberty prints. Aren't they the perfect expression of spring?

Bon Week-end!

Have a good one, peeps. xoxo h


and by poppies I mean anemones. (doh.)

cozy kitchen

I'm loving this cottage kitchen (plus, cute baby). Reminds me of my sister's house in Freshford. As seen on the lovely blog, Design is Mine.

wish list

I seriously covet these Sigerson Morrison gladiator sandals. Too bad they cost $700. That is about $600 too much to spend on shoes.
Hey friends. Feeling a bit exhausted today. I think my crazy travel schedule has finally caught up to me. I rented one of my favorite British mystery series, Marple, and plan on taking it really easy this afternoon. See you all tomorrow!


Having a sister, in my opinion, is just about the coolest thing in the world.

if I were a photograph...

Today this is what I would be. What about you?

Roses, Mexico

Roses, Mexico 1924 Tina Modotti
Flowers are really on my mind today. But even when I don't have real flowers on hand I just take a look at this poster, which hangs right next to my bed. Tina Modotti is an incredible photographer. One of my all time favorites.

March Madness

I'm so happy it's March I can hardly contain my excitement. Spring is here (or very close, n'est pas?). This lovely photo, which graces our oversize calender in the kitchen, perfectly encapsulates the feeling. It's time to wake up, to get outside, to greet the sun, and feel alive.


Vivienne Westwood designed rug
I'm back Stateside, after a fantastic trip across the pond. It's been fun reporting on British things for a week. Hope you all enjoyed my Anglomaniac Posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The Fine Cheese Co., an Anglomaniac Post

If you ever find yourself in Bath you must run not walk to this amazing little cheese store and adjoining cafe. It's my very favorite place to sit outside, grab a coffee and take in the Georgian splendor. Plus it's painted the most perfect minty green that only seems to exist in England.

Vivienne Westwood, An Anglomaniac Post

She's wacky and wild and absolutely wonderful. Very feminine, very powerful and unapologetically domineering. How can you not love that? Don't you remember Carrie's wedding dress in the Sex And The City movie?

A London Sojurn

Warehouse, Chelsea Harbour, 2009
Hello, Happy People. Just got back from a night in London with my sister, sans bebe. While we missed the little fellow terribly, but we delighted in massages and red wine, walked by the hotel where Michael Jackson is currently resting his laurels, and had a lovely visit to the Chelsea Design Center, which is amazing. (FYI, unlike in America, you do not need an interior designer to browse the goods at the CDC, so if you are ever in London it is a must visit.)