books, and where they live.

I was lucky enough to grow up in one of those houses where there are books in every corner of every room.  Books piled so high, in some instances, that the old ones were relegated to boxes in the attic.  Everyone in my family reads, and reads a lot.  Whether it is making them, writing them, or reading them, it's become clear in the past few years that books are amongst my most prized possessions.  Which brings me to my point: I need new more bookcases.


from one of my all-time favorite stores, ABC Carpet and Home.

my perfect dress.

this little sonia rykiel number is perfection.  sadly, it is like $800 too expensive.  but a girl can dream.

my book, "the daydream."

it's a carousel book, made out of three layers of paper that get sown together with thread, on the front edges.  I wanted it to have a real handmade feel, since it is a personal story.  the images are all taken by me, or by someone in my family.  the text depicts a dream I used to have about my father building a flying car.  we'd float across the air and ocean, and be able to travel anywhere.  click on larger versions of the photographs if you want to read it.  it was a lot of work, as always, but worth it in the end!

happy feet.


with my back the way it is currently, I do not expect to be wearing heels anytime soon.  but that can't stop me from daydreaming about these sexy, sexy shoes from chie mihara!  they all feel very vintage to me.  happy feet, indeed.  she also does make flats, so there's always that.

soldiering on.

still dealing with a sore back, which is at this point starting to make me awfully cranky.  but the book that I'm working on must be finished by wednesday, so I'm soldiering on.  although a creaky spine makes leaning over a table, cutting paper sorta of difficult.  here's another look at some of the content - above is the opening page spread (without text yet!).


On top of having a rough weekend body-wise, I somehow managed to throw out my back yesterday.  This has never happened to me before, and I didn't expect it to happen at my still young(ish) age!  Not sure what this all means, but it's pretty clear that for this weekend, it means lying down on the wood floor.  And taking lots of hot baths.  Hope you guys are faring better than I!  xo.  {image source}

my favorite specs

These vintage sunglasses once belonged to my Mom, and I have had them for years. They, simply put, my favorite specs ever. Over the years they have picked up more than a few scratches. I have always vowed that if I ever, ever found anything that looked remotely like them, I would have to check them out. And then I saw these:

Some Things...

some things that I am loving right this very second:
parquet. for the obvious reasons that it makes everything, well perfect.
this plate made exclusively for anthropologie by artist Nathalie Lété.
Narumi's hauntingly beautiful photographs of cherry blossoms! {via pia jane bijkerk} and the fact that spring is really,truly here!

Gallant & Jones

Lovely, lovely outdoor chairs from Canadian company Gallant & Jones. With every purchase, they donate $5.00 to Love Trees. Plus isn't their website just adorable?

perfect haircut

As I said last week, I've been trying to grow out my hair for sometime now. And this is a photo from Garance Dore that I've been holding onto. Almost there, but need to trim my bangs! And get some summer sun on my towheaded mop.
Another great cut today on Garnace Dore! A little funkier than the one above, but I really love this one, too. Thanks to my sister for pointing it out.

the world at your fingertips

I have got to get my hands on one of these rad hand-drawn world maps. (Even if they are sort of crazily expensive.) In case it hasn't been made patently clear by now, I am obsessed with travel. I guess that's what happens when a little girl loses her first tooth on a plane to Bali--that little girl grows up to become me.