Holiday Cards

I am totally in love with these holiday cards by the talented Anna Bond. Her illustrations remind me of Jean de Brunhoff and the Babar books of my youth.

Flora Douville

Not only is Flora Douville a beautiful illustrator, but a talented photographer to boot! I especially love the abstract composition and color. [via Frolic! and Simple Lovely]

Toast Holiday

Some pretty, pretty images from the Toast Catalogue. They're getting me excited for bundling up and for the Holidays! (Can they really be on their way already?)

Home, Sweet Home

Hey, all, sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I've had some guests in town, including my adorable five month old nephew, Jasper. It's been so fun to hang out with him! Speaking of hanging out, I could log some serious hours in this lovely London home, spotted on the Guardian's website. It's light, airy, elegant and comfortable, just the way a real home (with barking dogs and giggling babies) should be. Thanks Sash , Will and Jasper for making our home a real one for a few days! {Photographs by David Cleveland}

Color Palette

It's hard to put into words how much I love this house. The focus on color is something that I especially admire. I think it can be so hard to match the right soft, color palette together -- and Karen Draaijer gets it just right. The soft grays and lavenders in the kitchen are a gorgeous departure from the usual white. I really adore that lovely cream antique chair in front of the fire, but that blue color in the hallway is my absolute favorite. It kind of reminds me of this blue room from World of Interiors. via Remodelista.

Georgian Bliss

This gorgeous Georgian home in Oxfordshire, UK is kind of like my ultimate fantasy. Traditional marries Modern, producing a clean, yet sprawling family house that any Anglophile would love. Architecture: Michaelis Boyd. Photography: Simon Brown. Interiors: Sarah Delany. via: Remodelista

Remember, remember, November, November

It's here. Fall. November. Darkness, heavy sweaters, warm tea, rich food. Ready or not, it's here! Or some version of it, anyway. Have a great weekend everyone.

Steven Alan Gloves

Beyond cute.

Old Fashioned Dounughts

There's this awesome little bakery in my home town that make the best, I mean the best, old fashioned doughnuts. But how delicious do these homemade apple cider doughnuts look? I'd really like to try them this weekend... Deb from Smitten Kitchen is seriously one of my heroes.

Velvet Goldmine (And by gold I mean Silver)

I seriously heart this dress by Surface to Air. Silver velvet! Available at Creatures of Comfort.

dia de los muertos

So moved by the Day of the Dead celebrations, here in San Francisco. I think it's the best event I've seen thus far. The (real) Mission glistens and sings. Photograph by Cole Emde.

mahalo ā nui

We went to (dun dun dun) Hawaii! Our quickie trip to Oahu was more beautiful and fun than I could have ever, ever imagined, and I simply cannot wait to go back and explore even more. I just couldn't get enough of all the colors. And the Pacific. And the flowers. And the beaches. And the fresh fish. Well, you get the idea.