Pre-Fab Houses, part 1

A while back I posted about Rocio Romero, an architect who builds pre-fab houses. I'm way into the pre-fab idea of small spaces, small consumption and low costs. Over the weekend Alex and I drove south of San Francisco along the coast and fell in love with California for good. I became obsessed with the idea of buying a beautiful but inexpensive tract of land somewhere on California's central coast and then building a small, inexpensive pre-fab house. This is the Weehouse by Alchemy Architects, one of many wonderful pre-fab options out there. It's not the most "green" of the pre-fab options out there but definitely the smallest.

Let There Be Light

My friend Evelyn and I went to the SF MOMA yesterday to check out the Richard Avedon exhibit (more on that later) and saw these great teak candlesticks in the museum's store. And at $28.00 and $22.00 a piece they aren't that expensive, which is even more the reason for me to get them.

Pretty Toast Dress

I'm not ready for Fall clothes yet (even though I live in San Francisco where it seems like you wear Fall clothes all year long). What I'm saying is that there are a whole lot of things in the Toast catalogue that I find beautiful, but for now I'm only posting this gorgeous dress.

And It Happens Just Like That...

It happens just like that, and before you know it summer is over; today was the first day of my graduate program in creative writing. But I really can't complain since I'm coming off one of the best vacations of my life in which I got to hike, run, swim and play with some of my favorite people in the world. In bare feet, without makeup, wearing my bathing suit all day. It broke my heart to leave home yesterday, and I sort of feel jet-lagged and confused, but nevertheless, here's to new schools, to new friends, to new beginnings.

Chatham, Summer.

Plain English Kitchens

My sister is visiting the states with her family and she asked me if I'd ever come across the kitchen design firm Plain English. I've seen its ads in World of Interiors, but if you have a moment you should peruse the site. Their work is simple, modern and timeless, and beyond beautiful. Man oh man, I mean, I can dream, right?

Home home

Happy Friday everyone! I'm at home home this week (Cape Cod). And it's perfection, as you can see.

Vintage Inspired Necklace

This necklace by Atlanta Bartlett is quite unusual. Not necessarily my exact style but stunning nonetheless. Available online here.

Les Petits

swimsuit and onesie from Makie
I've just spent a little time whispering sweet nothings to my newborn nephew, Jasper, and I'm about to spend a week with my sister's little ones, Robbie and Olivia; as a result I've been buying a lot of kiddie presents as of late. And I simply cannot resist the adorable duo above.

Norma Kamali

I think that this Norma Kamali bathing suit is kind of amazing. I really love the 1930s feel of the cut. She also has made a lot of 1950s style suits that are totally worth checking out, but the whole Maryilyn Monroe look is not quite my thing.

Is that you, Prada?

Surprise! This dress from J.Crew really reminds me of a Prada print. Move over preps, J.Crew has gone Italian. (The New Englander in me couldn't be happier.)


Methinks I could use this pretty and sweet Cath Kidston umbrella to shade myself from the strong summer sun.

I love this photograph

Pinheiro da Cruz , Portugal by Nacho Doce
Hope you are all having a lovely summer weekend, wherever you are!

Sur la Table

Pretty and easy to clean placemats (!) from Relish:

Dress and Boots

I love everything about this outfit. But most especially, the hair. (Two years after chopping mine off into a pixie cut, I'm still trying to grow it out.)

Yes, Please.

A gorgeous Chicago home over at Design*Sponge. I'm sort of obsessed by grass cloth and sisal right now and love how it features in this home on both the ground and as a headboard. Such a nice simple way to add natural elements and fibers to your house without screaming organic.

Russel Wright

Sorry for the light posting recently. I'm just having so much fun playing in the mountains. Oh man, do I miss living in the Rockies so very much. But... I've walked by the Russel Wright exhibition at the San Francisco Airport like four times now, and am finally posting about it. Beautiful, classic mid-century stuff that has recently been re-released by Bauer Pottery. Don't you just love that teapot?