Well, well, friends.  Last week I had an epic battle with salmonella poising.  Yes, it's as bad is it sounds, and yes, I will spare you the details.  My and my little stomach are on the road to recovery, however, and we plan to consume (a very little) t-giving feast tomorrow!  Hope that you are all celebrating in a warm kitchen with people you love.

It's just me and A this year, and while it would be easy to fall into a little we-are-alone-on-the-holidays-blues, I have stop myself and ask how could I possibly?  I feel so grateful to have my health, to have an amazing family who loves me, to have awesome smiley friends who I will get to laugh with very soon, to have a shelter that I call home, and to have glorious food that usually doesn't make me sick, and to have a new Harry Potter movie that I'm seeing in 3.2 hours.

Happy Thanks!

photos by Akida

Still having an awesome visit with my Mamma, but just had to jump in to say that this lady is seriously speaking my language.  From Jeana Sohn's closet visit with Pietsie Campbell.  (P.S. how cute is this picture of Jeana?  We're talking serious girl crush, here.)

I'm signing off early for the weekend.  My Mom is coming to town!  We are going to eat oysters and hike, and eat and shop.  I can't wait.  Have a good one, everyone!  xx     photo by emilie79*

This pretty much sums up how I've been dressing these days.  How cute is this girl?  via the Sartorialist.

Wish List Wednesdays.  From top to bottom: Rachel Comey dress and United Bamboo sunglasses, both from Totokaelo; handmade Blue Paint Chip quilt from Kimem (via Oh Happy Day!); lovely Fleet Foxes video, directed by Sean Pecknold.

Snapshot 2010-07-03 16-08-56

Now that it's getting darker outside, it's time for me to fully address the fact that winter is coming.  I don't mind the cold so much, but the lack of light sends my seratonin packing to warmer climes.  This year is no exception, and I think due to stress I'm already feeling a bit of that I want to hibernate thing.

It's hard for me to slow down without feeling a bit blue, but it seems to me that winter forces that upon you.  So what if I can't run outside everyday?  So what if I want to eat heavier, richer foods, and sleep more?  That's natural!  I usually spend so much time combatting winter that this year I realized, what would happen if I just gave it to it?  While it can be hard to spend the umpteenth weekend indoors due to wintery rain (West Coasters: I'm talking to you!), I'm trying to figure out ways to make the indoors as cozy and comfy as possible.

The Scandis use lots of candles and natural light, even when it's dark, and I'm planning on following suit.  And shimmery decorations also help.  As does greenery.  Bring the plants inside!  Top photo source coco+kelley, bottom right and left: Toast Catalogue.

needle and thread

Hello, Happy People.  Brief interjection into this week to tell you that things are busy, busy, busy.  Should be back to regularly scheduled programming next week.  Bisous!   photo by one of my favs, Lieke Romeijn.