Taking a little break here for a while.  Got some big things cooking that require 100% of my attention.  See you guys sometime soon.

Photo: taken by me while traveling in Brazil.  


Women make the world go round.  Let's never forget it.  Happy International Women's Day!

Photo: Anna Yausheva's flickr

Some internet wanderings this weekend left me visiting places that I don't tend to frequent.  But I happily fell entranced with these two pictures.  Beautiful, no?  Judy's (from the blog Atlantis Home) shot of the arcade along the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, and Hanneli Mustaparta in Tuscany have got me jonesing for a summer vacation in Europe, big-time.

Left Photo: Judy Aldridge, Right Photo: Hanneli Mustaparta

I recently bought PJ Harvey's new album, Let England Shake.  It's pretty fabulous!  I can't stop listening to it, especially the song, The Glorious Land.  Also here is an interesting interview with Harvey on Fresh Air.

photo source: Seamus Murphy, from NPR