World War II Posters

Some things that I stumbled upon in doing research for my novel: posters from World War II Britain.  My manuscript takes place in 1940 London, and these images of wartime posters are really helping me set the mood.  Found at the Imperial War Museum's online shop.  Did you know that the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was never actually used during the war?  It was discovered later and has only recently risen to its current cult status.

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Speed McQueen said...

Javier Marias' amazing trilogy Your Face Tomorrow spends a good deal of time on these WWII propaganda posters, particularly those dedicated to keeping quiet. Turns out nearly every country had their own versions of them, each with its own brand of paranoia/jingoism/national color. Those novels are the best I've read all year and Marias' treatment of the act of telling, of revealing, or even sharing, is top-drawer.