If you read this space somewhat regularly, you may have noticed that I haven't posted about clothes lately.  A while back I was thinking about my own relationship to materialism and became slightly disturbed by just how much my blog was devoted to the notion of wanting things.  Specifically, wanting things that I don't really need and that I have no business trying to purchase at this moment in my life.  

Since September I have been on a self-imposed spending freeze.  It started slowly at first, more out of need to drastically curb my spending, but after a while I just decided to keep up with it.  And with the exception of buying Christmas presents (including a few items of on sale clothing for myself) I have stuck to it, more or less.  And it's been surprisingly easy.  Yes I still dream about the perfect pair of Rachel Comey boots, but I'm getting by without for now, and that's OK.  Pretty soon I will have to temporarily freeze my spending freeze out of necessity (more on that later), and I will feel totally OK with that as well.  

In the meantime I have continued to troll my favorite blogs, perusing the internet and magazines and pausing when I see something beautiful that I like.  It's like window shopping--you get to have the nice part of looking and admiring without having to really try anything on.  And it's fun.  So I've decided that bringing a few "pretty things" back to this space is alright.  Because it's nice to appreciate, even from afar.

photo by Lieke Romeijn, one of my favorite photographers


ali said...

Well said. I know just what you mean.

Liz Stanley said...

i've done spending freezes at times but never that long. major props to you, lady!