What is it about us humans that we are always looking to get what we can't have?  When I was little I fantasized about having curly hair even though my blond hair basically hangs as straight as pieces of dried spaghetti.  I've made my peace with my hair (and my looks in general) but I still find myself living as a "grass is greener" person.

Lately that has come in the form of scouring blogs from the southern hemisphere.  Where it is summer.  And hot.  And life seems like the vacation that we northern hemisphere people would take drastic measures to be on.  Of course I'm sure that life down South is just as hectic as anywhere, but still the images of blue skies, oceans and bare skin have me swooning.

Here are my current favorites.  From Australia:  Rummey BearsLittle PinwheelPia Jane Bijkerk.  From South Africa: Size Too Small and Miss Moss.

Photos: top - Yosigo; bottom - Alice Bernarndo

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