Sadly, when you are in graduate school, enjoying the winter holidays usually gets chucked out because there's about a million and one loose ends to finish up before the semester is over.  This year is much better for me than past years, but still I'm racing to finish.  In the meantime, we did manage to get a mini tree up (with lights), plus a poinsetta, wreath, and paperwhites. I'm listening to my favorite holiday music, and I'm sticking to my vow to try and decorate the inside Scandi-style, using lots of greens and bright candles to soak up the darkness that has fallen across the northern hemisphere.

I'm the kind of body that really gets affected by the darkness these days.  What do you guys do to brighten your days as the solstice approaches?  top: Maria JC; middle: (my fav) Abby Powell; bottom: Sarah Ryhanen.

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