Well, well, friends.  Last week I had an epic battle with salmonella poising.  Yes, it's as bad is it sounds, and yes, I will spare you the details.  My and my little stomach are on the road to recovery, however, and we plan to consume (a very little) t-giving feast tomorrow!  Hope that you are all celebrating in a warm kitchen with people you love.

It's just me and A this year, and while it would be easy to fall into a little we-are-alone-on-the-holidays-blues, I have stop myself and ask how could I possibly?  I feel so grateful to have my health, to have an amazing family who loves me, to have awesome smiley friends who I will get to laugh with very soon, to have a shelter that I call home, and to have glorious food that usually doesn't make me sick, and to have a new Harry Potter movie that I'm seeing in 3.2 hours.

Happy Thanks!

photos by Akida

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