ditte isager
Have you guys heard about Noma?  It's a Copenhagen kitchen considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world.  This new book, with photographs by Ditte Isager, looks amazing.  

A new poem about Sylvia Plath's death by Ted Hughes was discovered in London.  Fascinating and heartbreaking.

I'm digging this new to me label: Chianti and Parker -- via Olivet

This "Why We Travel" photo contest has me mulling over the possibilities of my next trip.  Currently at the top of my list?  Mozambique.  

A fascinating listen on the elusiveness of memory, from the boys at Radiolab.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


Marcella said...

This is partially a test to see if I can actually post dammit! I wanted to go to Noma last summer, but I think you have to reserve like 900 years in advance. Anyway, it's legendary. Did you read the recent review of Del Posto in the NYT. Check it out. We gotta eat there. xoxo

Marcella said...

OMG. I succeeded. Thank goodness. My silence is over.

Honora said...

Welcome, M! So happy that you figured it out. Agreed. Culinary dates to be made. xo