a little bio

My name is Honora, and I am writer, currently at work on a novel. I am also a full time graduate student and am generally more busy that I care to be. This site serves as a nice place for me to take a breathe and reconnect.

An American by birth, I grew up in Asia,  Massachusetts, New York, and France.  I met my match in a 6'1' bearded man who loves to drink whiskey, ski, and cook.   After six years in the mountains of Colorado, we now happily live in the heart of San Francisco when we are not satisfyingly scratching the ever-present (and incredibly nagging) wanderlust itch.

I love British mystery novels, vintage hydrangeas floating in the breeze, the word vermillion, sitting in the sun, and logging time in international airport terminals (and the countries that they take me to).

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave comments on posts, or to get in touch by e-mail: byitsowndesign@gmail.com.