It's a Girl Party

So my hubby is away this week and I have a few days by myself here at home. So I've decided to go all out girly! I got a lovely facial this afternoon at this awesome little place, Golden Skin & Body (SF ladies - this place seriously rocks), and later on I'm planning on giving myself a pedicure while watching movies like Pride and Prejudice and Marie Antoinette. Then I think I'll move onto the latest Vogue magazine and maybe drink a glass of rose whilst listening to my favorite women rockers Cat Power, Beth Orton and Camera Obscura. And tomorrow, if it gets cold, I'm going to get high tea at this adorable little tea room down the street! Sometimes being a woman is just so much fun. P.S. - good luck, sweetheart!!!! The California Bar is going down. {photos from here}


PoeticNinJaBrit said...

Hi Honora,
I only wish I could do a day as great as yours saided.
I would be lucky if I can paint any of my nails, yet alone sit back and watch a movie.
College life in the summer...thats all I have to say.
Love the blog sistah...ttyl

Brittney "BlueNinJa"

Honora said...

Thanks Brittney! I totally understand being busy and stressed! You gotta relax when you can, right?

by JOS of Simple Blueprint said...

Thank you for your sweet comment over at my blog - it means a lot to me. Your blog is wonderful as well! hope you had a happy weekend.