The Elephant in the Room

Did any of you catch the feature on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on 60 Minutes last night? I have long been interested in this amazing elephant orphanage, and it visiting it is high on my list of things to do in this lifetime. Elephants are the most incredible creatures -- and my favorite animal. They are highly emotional, loving and friendly and never loose their memory, so much so that a baby elephant who has witnessed the murder of his mother is in jeopardy of dying from grief. It shocks and saddens me that elephants are still being killed for their ivory. To donate to the trust click here. Click on the 60 Minutes link above to watch the 10 minute long piece. My favorite part is seeing the elephants playing their favorite game: soccer!


Marcella said...

Yay elephants. How cute. I used elephant wrapping paper last Christmas (lots of little gold elephants); you would like it. Almost done moving a boulder. I'll call you tomorrow.

Halley said...

This is the one that is featured on Elephant Diaries here in the UK. When I watched I was ready to leave it all behind to volunteer and eventually become an elephant vet!