I believe in US

First of all, I felt a need to write something to you all on this momentous occasion. I consider myself an eternal optimist, but as an adult I have yet to be part of a government that I fully believe in. I have spent the last few days knocking on strangers' doors and encouraging them to vote, to get out there and let their voice be heard. I am so incredibly thrilled to have believed in, worked for, and voted for Obama. I am so happy and so proud, really for the first time in my life, to be an American. I look forward to a new future. A future where the best possibilities can and may finally exist for all of us no matter what color, gender, or class we are.

Second of all, A. and I just did a square dance to leftover salmon to celebrate. yeeeeeehaawwww! Colorado went BLUE!!! I AM SO PROUD.

Now and forever more, ¡Obamanos!

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