la maison d'artiga

A few years ago my sister and I took a trip through Corsica. It's a stunning place to vacation. The island was a part of the alps thousands of years ago that found itself drifting into the Mediterranean Sea. You can be on the most pristine beach, hop in a car, and an hour later you are in the middle of the mountains. Kind of perfect for a gal like me who is equal parts beach bunny and mountain mama. While we were shopping in Bonifacio, my sister and I stumbled upon a store that sold fabrics, pillows and other products from La Maison d'Artiga. She and I have a healthy obsession with basque toile and we went nuts. I still kick myself over not having scooped up more stuff while I was there because you just can't find this stuff outside of Europe. Lucky for me, I discovered their website (!) and now plan to buy loads of fabrics to make some goodies of my own. PS- you may need a French speaking friend to help translate, or just e-mail me and I'll do it for you!

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liz stanley said...

beautiful stuff. good find!