it's the moment that counts

The weather here in the mountains has taken quite a turn in the last few days. We've had heavy rain and a bit higher up, snow. As I write, our outdoor thermometer reads 39˚F. The mornings have been bloody freezing and the sky is as dark as a storm cloud which makes it very hard to get out of bed. With mixed emotions I pulled out all my cedar and lavender infused sweaters from their summer storage space.
This silent gray day was made for cooking something hot and hearty. So I'm making my favorite beef bolognese sauce, borrowed from someone else's Italian grandmother, which takes close to seven hours to cook. No, you read that right, I said seven hours. It's been so much easier and more pleasurable since we recieved all of our fabulous kitchen appliances from our wedding. (Thanks everyone!) A. and I are going to make lasagne with it later tonight. And while it's slowly simmering away I'm going to listen to the Cowboy Junkie's Trinity Sessions, talk to some friends, drink some tea before switching later to wine, and watch Masterpiece Theatre.
fog, paradise divide 2007

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