This is my favorite book that I've made thus far.  It was a really personal subject matter -- about a rough time in life that I went through a few years back, that involved my husband having massive jaw reconstructive surgery.  

Because the words are so intense, I wanted the book to feel really delicate, soft and textural.  I also came up with the metaphor of sewing for the way the doctors re-assembled Alex's face.  I used soft rice paper, that I then printed manipulated images of his facial x-rays on.  I loved the ghost like quality of the x-rays!  And then I literally sewed on the paper.  It was so much fun, and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  Best of all, this one is actually easily reproducible, so I can make more!

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Marcella said...

This one is brilliant - and moving. Congrats on such beautiful work, dear.