3.12.10 -- a House is a Home

I really, really like this Brooklyn apartment which is featured in this NY Times article. A lot of their furniture is apparently stuff they inherited from grandparents, friends, family. The place reminds me a lot of my apartment in San Francisco. I too, have stuff that I grew up with and have gotten from my parents and grandparents. Couches, rugs, books, artwork, photographs, tables that I will never get rid of. It seems to me today that so many interiors are sort of overly done. Striving for a kind of contrived perfection, they often look and feel more like museums or galleries than actual homes.
It takes character and personality to make something transcend the "decorated" look. The somewhat saggy couch I'm sitting on right now came from my grandparents house in Nashville in the early 80s. It is the same couch that I used to nap on in the summer sun when I was a teenager at home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I love being able to touch objects that remind me of people and places that sadly have passed on. To me, this is what makes a house a home.

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