Books for Kids

As part of my MFA degree in creative literature I am taking a class on Young Adult fiction. It is so much fun! And interestingly enough, the words Twilight and Harry Potter have not even been mentioned. It's gotten me thinking a lot back to what my favorite books were as a child. Madeline L'Engle, the author of A Wrinkle In Time, was probably my favorite writer. I loved her stories, especially her strong female protagonists. And Both Were Young and Meet the Austins were two others by L'Engle that I loved. Lucky for me I get to teach A Wrinkle in Time to undergraduates in a few months. What were you favorite books to read as a child?

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liz stanley said...

i loved a wrinkle in time when i read it! it would be fun to read it again now and see what i thought of it