Adieu, For Now

Today I drove away from the place that has been my home these past six years. During this time I've been a ski bum, found creative passion and fulfillment, learned how to telemark ski, gotten married, got struck by lightning, become an aunt, and have grown into an adult. Driving away, I looked back at the mountains in my rear view mirror through teary eyes, took a deep breath, and then shifted my gaze and looked forward. On to a new chapter of life: to a new city, to a new self, to new adventures. All I have to do is jump.
{Taking a little hiatus while I move to California. Be back Monday, June 8th! Be well, everyone!}

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liz stanley said...

so exciting. we're in the same boat. so many mixed emotions. good luck with your move and hope to meet up with you in san francisco!