The Silver Spoon

(all photos from Silver Spoon)
Have you guys checked out this cookbook, The Silver Spoon? A new English translation of Il Cucchiaio d'Argento, Italy's top selling cookbook these past fifty years, the book is a veritable bible of all things yummy. Seriously, if I had to live on one cookbook alone for the rest of my life, this would be it. FYI: some of the recipes don't quite tell you how long things are really going to take, as in, "my Italian Grandmother would say the proper way to cook this is for eight hours;" so just be prepared. But for me food is all about love, and the good kind of love takes time to make. The book's beautiful design and mouth watering photos will make you salivate for more... (PS-click on the photos for bigger versions of photos and the actual recipes!)

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Marcella said...

You know, I've owned this for a while and I just can't gain traction with it. I had a monkfish disaster when I first used it and it scared me away. What have you made from it that is especially good? I swear by my alter ego Marcella Hazan for all things Italian.