Delicate Beauty

photos by Aya Brackett (via Simple + Pretty)
So I'm a sick, sick dog today. Murf. And it's pouring rain and 38 degrees. Blurgh. Murf and Blurgh. So I'm spending all day trolling through lovely, pretty blogs and came across this post on the fab Simple + Pretty about Cynthia Warren. Now I'm daydreaming about her incredibly delicate work (while also swooning over Benjamin Bratt in Law and Order as I watch old episode after old episode.) Back to Warren. Her work is just beyond gorgeous and her talent truly blows me away. Check out her website -- especially the calligraphy and typography section. -- and the typography in the first photo. Love and swoon. Do you believe in the healing power of beautiful things? Here's hoping.

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alli b said...

i do believe ... feel better!