sharing a brain and Madeline Weinrib

I was talking to my sister, Halley, on the phone the other morning, while we were watching the pre-inauguration coverage, she from her home outside of Bath, England, and me from my home in Colorado. We may be separated by plains, mountains and ocean an green rolling hills, but it always amazes me how in sync we are!
She just bought her first house, a country cottage (it even has a name--Hogwood!) and is in the midst of decorating. Before I could say it, she said to me, "Check out this woman, Madeline Weinrib's textiles. It's amazing." And I was like, "Yeah, I know, I was just going to tell you that!" Then as I was looking on the website, I intuitively clicked on each of the prints my sister had in the running a split second before she told me what they were. It was almost eery. I like to think of us as twins who just happened to be born five and a half years apart. Here are some of Madeline Weinrib's things that both me and my sister love, love, love.

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