notes from the weekend

Our friends Marcella and J. came out to visit for the weekend. It was fabulous. We drank lots of wine, we sat outside in the unseasonably warm weather (we're talking tank tops here people). We carved pumpkins and gave candy to cute little kids, one of whom was dressed up as Sarah Palin. We went to a Halloween party as the Beastie Boys from the Sabotage video and got some mad props for our costumes. We went for a beautiful hike and topped it all off with some awesome enchiladas and the best margaritas this side of the Rio Grande. If only every weekend could be spent with such amazing friends.
my Obama pumpkin
Marcella aka "Frenchie" and I in costume
the crew

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Marcella said...

Awesome! I haven't visited the ole blog since last weekend. What a treat! These pics bring it back. Thank you so much. Love, M.