l'España + la comida = el Cielo

I fell in love with Spain and all things Spanish when I bit into my first authentic gambas a la plancha at the amazing tapas restaurant, Ciudad Condal, in Barcelona. Mmmm. I especially love Spanish food. The jamón, the olive oil, the paella, the tortilla española, manchego. Hell, I even ate the octopus carpaccio. That's why I am just over the moon about the new PBS show, Spain... On the Road Again. It's just so pleasant and fun to watch that A. and I have become completely addicted. But be warned: you better have some vino tinto and some manchego on hand at home because as you watch Batali, Bittman, Paltrow and Bassols eat their way across the country you're gonna want some of your own tapa to share in the good time.

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