you go girl - take one

(This is the first in a series of posts which will feature different inspired and independent women.)
Last week I finished re-reading one of my favorite books of all time, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. Towards the end of the book I came across this passage where Jane discovers her true voice and self: "I broke from St John; who has followed, and would have detained me. It was my time to assume ascendancy. My powers were in play, and in force. I told him to forbear question or remark; I desired him to leave me: I must, and would be alone. He obeyed at once. Where there is energy to command well enough, obedience never fails. I mounted to my chamber; locked myself in; fell on my knees; and prayed in my way -- a different way to St John's, but effective in its own fashion. I seemed to penetrate very near a Mighty Spirit; and my soul rushed out in gratitude at His feet. I rose from the thanksgiving -- took a resolve -- and lay down, unscared, enlightened -- eager but for the daylight." You go girl!

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Marcella said...

Wow, cool. This is such a nice idea. Now, when we play vigorous phone tag, we can still communicate. I will try you tonight or if I have to sleep tomorrow. I'm sorry I threw in the towel on the tag. It starts to exhaust. Thanks for the bit from Jane Eyre. Brilliant book. Is this your favorite moment in it?